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server repair company delhi We call ourself pioneers for repair of IT Material in delhi NCR, we are servicing industry from very long time and now feel comfortable in defining the worth of a device should be repaired or not. we are having all range HP, Dell, IBM, SUN and cisco products. We offer high quality, reliable and refurbished servers at reasonable prices. All our products are thoroughly tested and retested before delivering them to you. We make them as good as new and you get all branded servers and parts at affordable ranges.

Y-rax Systems is the oldest server repair service company in delhi Gurugram noida and India. We have specialisation in repairing Rack server, Desk server, Workstations, storage, router, switch. Server Dealer or big corporates are awaialing our facilities from long duration and we have a big list of satisfied customers in Delhi and India. After repairing the IT Material we do through testing for the same in diffrent conditions and once we get satisfied then only we release the material for delivery to provide Solution Towards IT Interruption. We offer services for every IT Material used in Data Center we also have specialisation in Data recovery from Raid, Storage Repair, Switch repair and router Repair

Buy any server part from us and become member to avail upto 50% discount on your next purchase off Old server spares or Old Cisco routers. We have over 18 years experience in the AMC for Server Computer Hardware Desktop Laptop and other IT Material, We offer Back 2 Back AMC to IT companies.

Y-RAX SYSTEMS is leader in Maintaining Largest store for Old IT Material in India with over 2 Decades of experience supporting majority of IT Solution or service providers In India. We are Partners to leading AMC or FMS Vendors to provide backend support against Major problems with the best of breed Technology experts and Specific Hardware. We are masters in Providing Solution Towards IT Interruptions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We are here and ready to help you round the clock.

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We are server repair Services company Delhi Gurugram Noida India Old HP Server Proliant Purchase Old Servers Buy Old Server Dealer Old Server Store Delhi. Proliant ML10 Old HP Server Proliant ML30 Old HP Server Proliant ML110 Old HP Server Proliant ML150 Old HP Server Proliant ML350 Old HP Server Proliant XL170 Old HP Server Proliant XL190 Old HP Server Proliant XL220 Old HP Server Proliant XL230 Old HP Server Proliant XL250 Old HP Server Proliant XL450 Old HP Server Proliant XL730 Old HP Server Proliant XL740 Purchase Old servers buy old server Dealer HP DELL IBM BLADE SUN Old Server Store Delhi Nehru Place Buy old servers dealer Delhi India Old HP Server Proliant M710 Old HP Server Proliant M800 Old HP Server Proliant SL210 Old HP Server Proliant SL270 Old HP Server Proliant WS460 Old HP Server Proliant R2000 Old HP Server Proliant Apollo 4000 Old HP Server Proliant Apollo 6000 Old HP Server NAS Storage Old HP Server SAN Storage Data recovery from Old HP Server Storage RAID

Our Service centre is one of the best server repair Services company Delhi Gurugram Noida India Dell Server PowerEdge M610 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M620 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M630 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M710 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M805 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M820 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M905 Old Dell Server PowerEdge M910 Old Dell Server PowerEdge MC1655 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R200 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R210 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R220 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R300 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R310 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R410 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R815 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R820 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R900 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R905 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R910 Old Dell Server PowerEdge R930 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1420 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1425 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1430 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1435 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1500 Old Dell Server PowerEdge SC1550 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 4350 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 4400 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 4600 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6100 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6300 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6350 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6400 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6450 Old Dell Server PowerEdge 6600

Y-rax systems is one of the biggest server repair Services company Delhi Gurugram Noida India are avaialble with us Refurbished Laptop for sale Old Laptop Old Laptop Price Best place to purchase Old Laptop. The vast range of laptop is available in our store we are the Best place to buy Old Laptop or Sale Cheap Laptop. Laptop Spares like Laptop Screen Laptop Panel Laptop Frame Laptop Keyboard Sony Laptop Cable Laptop Hindge are avaialble handy. Old Notebook Dealer in Nehru Place Delhi India can contact us for Laptop Repair Laptop Sapre or for Sale purchase of Laptop. We have complete range of Laptop like HP Laptop DeLL Laptop Sony Laptop IBM Laptop Lenovo Laptop Toshiba Acer Laptop and assembeld laptop. Data recovery from Laptop is also started at our Nehru place Delhi India Office.

Y-rax Systems is one of the Oldest establisment providing Solution Towards IT Interruption. We are pioneers in providing complete range of high end IT Material and solutions. We have Specialisation in Data Recovery from RAID or any other media whether its SAS Hardisk Sata Harddisk SCSI HDD We have experties in resolving major problems in the field of IT. Y-rax YRAX yrax Y-RAX are our registered names with Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Y-RAX SYSTEMS is established since 1991 and have more than 500 Happy Customers. We are open to build partnership with other service providers to Server India better and take our Country to next level.

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