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IT consultancy company Gurugram IT infrastructure is a key component in the strategies of enterprises today. Enterprises such as yours are looking at IT infrastructure as a source of competitive advantage. A robust IT infrastructure enables efficient delivery of services and improves overall business performance. Y-rax can help design, build and manage your IT infrastructure in a flexible manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes and resources. Our service IT consultancy offerings are focused on reducing operational costs and maximizing availability and performance of your IT infrastructure. Y-rax has gained tremendous experience, process expertise and operations maturity of delivering infrastructure outsourcing services to Corporates customers in India and across the globe. We engage with you on an outcome-based and off-take based SLA driven services approach.

Being a specialist Infrastructure Management Services company with specialist Manpower, we offer a range of services through flexible engagement models. We approach IT Infrastructure Management as a life-cycle service that encompasses four phases viz. Design, Deploy, Manage and Review. Our delivery model (Model for Operational Excellence & Continual Improvement) is designed to address the needs of clients across various geographies and time-zones encompassing onshore, nearshore and offshore engagement models. The Design, Deploy and Review phases are delivered through our Technology Consulting and Process Consulting teams in project mode With ITIL as the core backbone the Manage phase is delivered on a 24x7 basis from our world-class ISO / IEC 20000-1 & ISO 27001 Certified Shared Services Operations Management Center (SOC) and Dedicated Operations Management Centers (OMC’s) located strategically across the globe. The Manage services include Monitoring Services and Managed Services.

The global market has become so highly competitive and for meeting the requirements to compete has indeed become necessary. For making their plan run successfully all the corporate are in the need of highly skilled human resources, which are available in scarcity in the market.  Thus, we are pioneer in Developing Skills, Knowledge and Markets. Our mission is to provide the most sophisticated services available to help individuals more effectively reach their career and personal goals.

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Y-rax systems have complete range of HP ProLiant DL20 HP Proliant DL60 HP Proliant DL80 HP Proliant DL120 HP Proliant DL160 HP Proliant DL180 HP Proliant DL320 HP Proliant DL360 HP Proliant DL380 HP Proliant DL385 HP Proliant DL520 HP Proliant DL560 HP Proliant DL100% HP Proliant ML10 HP Proliant ML30 HP Proliant ML110 HP Proliant ML150 HP Proliant ML350 HP Proliant XL170 HP Proliant XL190 HP Proliant XL220 HP Proliant XL230 HP Proliant XL250 HP Proliant XL450 HP Proliant XL730 HP Proliant XL740 HP Proliant XL7500 HP Proliant BL460 HP Proliant BL465 HP Proliant BL660 HP Proliant M300 HP Proliant M700 HP Proliant M710 HP Proliant M800 HP Proliant SL210 HP Proliant SL270 HP Proliant WS460 HP Proliant R2000 HP Proliant Apollo 4000 HP Proliant Apollo 6000 HP NAS Storage HP SAN Storage Data recovery from HP Storage RAID

SUN NETRA SERVERS Sun Netra T2000 Server Sun Netra T5220 Server Sun Netra T5440 Server Sun Netra X4200 M2 Server Sun Netra X4450 Server Sun Netra 1290 Server Sun Netra CP3020 ATCA Blade Server Sun Netra CP3060 ATCA Blade Server Sun Netra CP3220 ATCA Blade Server Sun Netra CP3250 ATCA Blade Server Sun Netra CP3260 ATCA Blade Server Sun Netra CT900 ATCA Blade Server SUN ENTRY RACKMOUNT SERVERS Sun Fire T1000 Server Sun Fire T2000 Server Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server Sun Fire X2250 Server Sun Fire X4100 M2 Server Sun Fire X4140 Server Sun Fire X4150 Server Sun Fire X4200 M2 Server Sun Fire X4240 M2 Server Sun Fire X4250 M2 Server Sun Fire X4440 M2 Server Sun Fire X4450 Server Sun Fire X4500 Server Sun Fire X4540 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 Server.

The hudge range of Dell PowerEdge 350 Dell PowerEdge 650 Dell PowerEdge 750 Dell PowerEdge 800 Dell PowerEdge 830 Dell PowerEdge 840 Dell PowerEdge 850 Dell PowerEdge 860 Dell PowerEdge 1750 Dell PowerEdge 1800 Dell PowerEdge 1850 Dell PowerEdge 1855 Dell PowerEdge 1900 Dell PowerEdge 1950 Dell PowerEdge 1955 Dell PowerEdge 2100 Dell PowerEdge 2200 Dell PowerEdge 2300 Dell PowerEdge 2400 Dell PowerEdge 2450 Dell PowerEdge 2500 Dell PowerEdge 2550 Dell PowerEdge 2600 Dell PowerEdge 2650 Dell PowerEdge 2800 Dell PowerEdge 2850 Dell PowerEdge 2900 Dell PowerEdge 2950 Dell PowerEdge 2970 Dell PowerEdge 3250 Dell PowerEdge 6800 Dell PowerEdge 6850 Dell PowerEdge 6950 Dell PowerEdge 7150 Dell PowerEdge 7250 Dell PowerEdge 8450 Dell PowerEdge C100% Dell PowerEdge C2100 Dell PowerEdge C6100 Dell PowerEdge C6220 Itanium is avaialble at our store.

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Y-rax Systems is one of the oldest establisment providing Solution Towards IT Interruption. We are pioneers in providing complete range of high end IT Material and solutions. We have Specialisation in Data Recovery from RAID or any other media whether its SAS Hardisk Sata Harddisk SCSI HDD We have experties in resolving major problems in the field of IT. Y-rax YRAX yrax Y-RAX are our registered names with Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Y-RAX SYSTEMS is established since 1991 and have more than 500 Happy Customers. We are open to build partnership with other service providers to Server India better and take our Country to next level.